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CALL FOR PAPERS Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited volume entitled: “Black Sisterhoods: Black Womyn’s Representations of Sisterhood Across the Diaspora” Co-Editors: Dannielle Joy Davis, Ph.D., Denise Davis-Maye, Ph.D., Tamara Bertrand Jones, Ph.D., and Jill Andrew, M.A.

Submission Guidelines:
250 word abstracts with a 50-word biography due by January 10, 2018.
If accepted, papers will be due May 10, 2018.

                                         Demeter Press

 IN OUR SKIN OUR BODIES OUR STORIES: We’re looking for your stories – body stories– from women (trans-inclusive) who self-identify as fat, curvy, voluptuous, plus size, etc. We want to know all the ways your relationship with your body has been great, awful, complicated and confusing. Maybe you grew up with a body you loved, but quickly learned that others around you thought your body was all wrong. Maybe your body has held you up in times of crisis, even when you haven’t always treated it right. Perhaps you have a body that’s a fierce and fabulous extension of your internal self. Or maybe your body has transitioned, through genders, sizes, shapes, spaces, ages and has had different experiences in its different forms or spaces.



  Editors: Jill Andrew & May Friedman


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